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Brayden York, B.Comm, RIMS-CRMP

Insurance at Aurora - TSX/NYSE: ACB
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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Brayden York, B.Comm, RIMS-CRMP, is a professional with a strong background in the development and maintenance of global insurance programs. His responsibilities include collaborating with various stakeholders to identify and address business risks through effective insurance strategies. Brayden holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration, Management, Accounting, and Finance from the University of Saskatchewan. His professional journey includes roles such as Chief Executive Officer at Base Portfolio, Insurance Broker - Account Executive at Axis Insurance Managers Inc., Commercial Insurance Advisor at The Co-Operators, Sap Business One at Projectline Solutions Inc., Leader, Bartender, and Server at Earls Kitchen + Bar, Sales at Battery Boys, and Student at the University of Saskatchewan.

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