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What are Boyd Christiansen’s favorite books?
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Boyd Christiansen

Case Team Leader at Harvard College Consulting Group
Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Boyd Christiansen, a current undergraduate computer science student at Harvard University and former operational strategy analyst at Vivint Solar, is interested in technological innovation and consulting internships or job opportunities in the United States or China. With a background in holography research, technology development, and management, as well as operational strategy analytics, Christiansen is equipped with the tools necessary to excel in the field of tech consulting. He has also previously served as a volunteer missionary and operations and technology manager for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and as a research assistant for Brigham Young University. In addition, Christiansen has held several positions at Harvard College Consulting Group, including case team leader and associate and analyst positions. His fluency in Mandarin and secondary study of economics add to his impressive skill set and make him an appealing candidate for any team looking for a hardworking and versatile tech consultant.

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