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What are Benjamin Ottensten’s favorite books?
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Benjamin Ottensten

Head of Product at The Org
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Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark
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Benjamin Ottensten is an experienced product professional with a strong background in product design, frontend development, and product management. He currently holds the position of Head of Product at The Org, a role he previously served as a Product Manager. Prior to joining The Org, Benjamin honed his skills as a Product Designer at GoMore, where he contributed to the development of innovative digital solutions.

Benjamin's educational background includes a Master of Science degree in Digital Design and Communication from the IT-Universitetet i København, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Media and Design from the same institution. Throughout his academic career, he gained valuable teaching experience, serving as a Teaching Assistant in various design and development courses at IT-Universitetet i København.

When it comes to his professional journey, Benjamin's expertise lies in product design, frontend development, and product management. He has a proven track record of successfully delivering impactful digital solutions and driving the growth of products. Additionally, his background in co-design and context-based app design showcases his ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams and incorporate user-centered design principles.

In addition to his professional work, Benjamin has also showcased his creative talents as a freelance designer and front-end developer. He has collaborated with organizations like Ung Triumf, where he provided design and development services. Furthermore, his experiences as a Web Designer at Starfly Media ApS and as a Photographer Assistant at Steen Vedel Fotografi have added to his diverse skill set.

Overall, Benjamin Ottensten is a seasoned professional with a passion for product innovation, design, and development. With his strong educational foundation and extensive experience in the field, he continues to drive forward the success of The Org as Head of Product.

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