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What are Benjamin Wolfe’s favorite books?
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Benjamin Wolfe

Manager, Customer Experience Analytics at Esurance
Austin, Texas, United States
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Benjamin Wolfe is a highly accomplished analytics leader, known for his resourcefulness, award-winning innovation, and enthusiasm for math, code, and personal development. With a BA in Spanish and Philosophy from Wheaton College, he has spent years working in the insurance industry, starting as a Marketing Specialist/Analyst with Farmers Insurance Group, before moving on to Esurance, where he held several positions, including Marketing Analyst, Senior Marketing Analyst, and most recently Manager of Marketing Analytics for the Data Science Group. In his current role as Manager of Customer Experience Analytics at Esurance, he has demonstrated his ability to lead a team authentically, enlisting each team member's strengths to tackle critical business challenges.

Under Benjamin's leadership, his team has driven significant improvements in customer experience, using data analysis and innovative thinking. Prior to his work in the insurance industry, Benjamin served as a Spanish teacher with the Nashua School District. His educational background and diverse experience in the insurance and education industries have given him a unique perspective on problem-solving, and he has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to the field of analytics.

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@imrobertyi @_MRogers @emilieschario @tayloramurphy Omg yes, so true. Every analysis is a jumping-off point for a c…

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@jeremy_data It was pretty cloudy where I am. I tried anyway, but didn't see anything.

Scanning through Twitter, looked like mixed reviews!

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