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What is Ben Gillin tweeting about?
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Ben Gillin

Focused on creating design systems that enable great teamwork and user experiences.
Brooklyn, New York, United States
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Ben Gillin is a seasoned product designer with an impressive background that spans over a decade. He has worked with a wide range of organizations, including tech startups, saas, agencies, and in-house teams. Ben is currently serving as a Senior Product Designer at Tend, where he collaborates with cross-functional teams to create unique and innovative product designs.

Before joining Tend, Ben worked as a freelance designer, where he provided customized design services to various clients. He was also the creative director and design lead at Luminary 2, leading the design team to produce visually appealing and user-friendly products.

Ben has extensive experience as a UI and UX designer, having held positions in multiple companies, including Insperity,, and SecondBrain. He was also a UI Design Instructor at The Iron Yard, where he shared his design expertise with aspiring designers.

Ben's entrepreneurial spirit has seen him co-found BenMaru, a digital design agency. Throughout his career, Ben has been an integral part of design teams for projects used by millions of users worldwide, with over 150 countries benefiting from his work.

Overall, Ben Gillin is a talented, versatile, and dedicated product designer with vast experience in the industry. His skills, knowledge, and creativity continue to help organizations produce world-class digital products, whether he is leading design teams or working as a freelancer.

Feb 28 · Via Twitter

@ryandonsullivan 🙏 thank you

Feb 28 · Via Twitter

@ryandonsullivan hey! is that wp recipe plugin you worked on in the past still alive? I can't remember it's name.<3

Oct 2 · Via Shepparton Adviser
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