Rachel SuttonNew York, New York, United States

Rachel Sutton is a highly experienced and accomplished writer with a background in Creative Writing and Arts from Florida State University. She has worked with multiple organizations and held various management roles in the fashion, lifestyle, and media space. As a versatile writer, Rachel has contributed to several highly regarded publications, including Shk Magazine, Rebecca Minkoff, Fault Magazine, Zink Magazine, Serpent and the Swan, and Vault Magazine. She has also served in different editing positions, such as Editor-In-Chief at Shk Magazine, Editorial Director at Rebecca Minkoff, and New York Editor at Fault Magazine. Rachel is a former Content Director at Design Twins and Digital Copywriter at John Varvatos Enterprises. With extensive experience in content creation, copywriting, and digital marketing, Rachel has sharpened her skills and delivered impressive results. Her work history depicts her as an individual who stays true to her passion for writing and always put her audience first.

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