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What are Arturo Llaxacondor’s favorite books?
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Arturo Llaxacondor

CEO at x-runner
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Arturo Llaxacondor is an accomplished CEO and expert in the field of social and sustainable development. He has studied at prestigious universities including the London School of Economics and Political Science and Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München. With years of experience in various leadership roles, he is now the CEO of x-runner Venture, a socially responsible organization that provides innovative and sustainable sanitation solutions for underserved communities.

As an experienced educator and former Professor Assistant at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru, Arturo has a passion for passing on his knowledge and expertise in sustainable development to the next generation. He is also highly involved in several social and sustainable organizations, including the Container Based Sanitation Alliance and L+1: Líderes Impulsando un Desarrollo Sostenible.

With a strong background in research and trade assistance, Arturo is proficient in research methodologies and is highly skilled in project management, business operations, and customer service. His diverse skill set makes him an expert in social and sustainable development, business management, and sustainability solutions.

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