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Archana Amarnath

Sr Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon
Redmond, Washington, United States
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Archana Amarnath is a seasoned professional with over five years of experience in business consulting and analytics. She has worked with various domains ranging from financial planning, logistics to store operations, and customer experience management. Archana's core strengths include her structured problem-solving skills that she has honed over the years. She has a unique combination of analytical and creative abilities that she leverages to mine data and visualize analytics. She holds a degree in Biotechnology from Bangalore's RV College of Engineering.

Archana's extensive professional experience includes working as a senior business intelligence engineer at Amazon, where she helped the company make data-driven decisions by designing and developing insightful dashboards. Her previous assignment at Amazon was as a sales operations analyst, where she was responsible for analyzing customer trends and developing recommendations to increase customer satisfaction. Archana previously worked as an engagement manager, senior associate, senior business analyst, and business analyst at Mu Sigma Inc., where she helped clients from various industries to deepen their understanding of customer behavior and preferences.

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