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Anshul Sharma

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, India

Anshul Sharma is an experienced engineering manager in the e-learning and e-commerce industry with a proven track record of managing a team since 2018. He has been working in an individual contributor role for over five years. Sharma's main responsibilities as an engineering manager include coaching and mentoring his team, building and maintaining an exceptional engineering bar, hiring highly talented individuals, and creating a mid-to-long-term roadmap that will improve the quality of the system. He also actively collaborates with business teams and product managers to ensure excellent product iterations. Sharma manages the Engineering processes, workflows, and schedules to support multiple high-impact business initiatives. He provides technical guidance and direction to his team, supports them by establishing best practices to increase productivity, and ensures that his team produces extraordinary outputs.

Sharma has strong proficiency in Python, Django, MySQL, Celery, and Linux, and he holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Jamia Millia Islamia. His open-source contributions include working on the Affirm Client, which he created and maintains, and contributing to the Python Drip Client and Junction, Python India community website.

Throughout his career, Sharma has held several key positions, including Head of Engineering at Relevel by Unacademy, Engineering Manager at Hevo Data, Career Coach at Scaler, Engineering Manager at Springboard, Lead Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, and Software Engineer at Springboard, and a Software Development Engineer at Amazon and Software Engineer at Jabong.

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