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Summarize Angela Strange’s background before I meet with them
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Angela Strange

General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
San Francisco, California, United States
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Angela Strange is a highly accomplished businesswoman and investor, with a wealth of experience in the technology sector. She holds an MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business, as well as a BSc from Queen's University. With a varied background that includes stints at Google,, Bay Partners, and Nike, Strange has developed a deep understanding of product management, business development, and strategic planning. She is currently the General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, one of the world's leading venture capital firms, where she focuses on investing in companies that are transforming traditional industries with new technology.

In addition to her work at Andreessen Horowitz, Strange has also served on a number of advisory boards and councils throughout her career. She was a Growth Council Member at the Advisory Council on Economic Growth for Canada, and served as the Co-Chair and Board Member at C100, a non-profit organization that supports Canadian entrepreneurs. Strange is also a former Case Writer at Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she developed case studies on a variety of business topics.

Overall, Angela Strange is a highly regarded figure in the technology and investment communities, with a diverse range of experiences and expertise. Through her work at Andreessen Horowitz and other organizations, she has worked to support and develop the next generation of innovative companies and entrepreneurs.

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