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Andrzej Plichta

Chief Investment Officer at CARLETON PARTNERS LLP
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London, England, United Kingdom
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Andrzej Plichta is an accomplished investment professional, currently serving as the Chief Investment Officer at CARLETON PARTNERS LLP. With a strong academic background, he obtained a MA (Hons) in Economics from the prestigious University of Glasgow and also studied Economics, Finance, and Mathematics at The University of Hong Kong.

Throughout his career, Andrzej has gained extensive experience in various roles within the investment industry. He previously worked as the Principal - Co-Investment at Capital Dynamics, where he actively participated in co-investment strategies. Prior to that, he held a position as an Investment Manager at SL Capital Partners LLP, where he was engaged in investment management activities. Andrzej also spent time as a Commodities Analyst at Morgan Stanley, where he developed insightful analysis and communicated valuable insights on commodity markets.

With his solid educational foundation and diverse professional experiences, Andrzej demonstrates a deep understanding of investment strategies and the financial sector. His expertise spans across asset management, investment analysis, co-investment strategies, and commodity markets. He possesses strong analytical skills and is adept at identifying investment opportunities and managing risk.

As an investment professional, Andrzej is known for his professionalism and keen attention to detail. He values collaboration and is skilled at working in team environments, leveraging his knowledge to achieve optimal results. He maintains a global perspective, having studied and worked in both European and Asian financial hubs.

In his current role as the Chief Investment Officer at CARLETON PARTNERS LLP, Andrzej continues to bring his expertise to the forefront, overseeing investment strategies and providing leadership in the investment process. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he aims to deliver strong investment performance and drive growth for the firm's clients.

Overall, Andrzej Plichta's combination of academic qualifications, professional experience, and expertise in various investment domains makes him a highly respected figure in the industry. His track record and dedication to his craft make him a valuable asset to any investment firm.

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