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Andrew Parker

General Partner at Meritech Capital
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Miami, Florida, United States
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Andrew Parker is an accomplished entrepreneur and CEO who is passionate about using technology to improve the lives of seniors. After experiencing the challenges of caring for his grandfather, Parker founded Papa, a company that provides personalized assistance and socialization to elderly individuals. Through the Papa mobile app or website, families can connect with Papa Pals who can help with daily tasks and provide companionship to seniors.

Aside from his work with Papa, Parker has an impressive educational and professional background. He holds a BS in Symbolic Systems with a concentration in HCI from Stanford University. He has also worked at various venture capital firms, including Spero Ventures and Spark Capital, where he served as a general partner for several years. Additionally, Parker has experience as a producer, developer, and analyst at several notable organizations, including Homestead Technologies, Inc and Union Square Ventures.

Through his work with Papa and his extensive experience in technology and venture capital, Parker brings a unique perspective to the intersection of healthcare and technology. He is committed to using his skills and expertise to improve the lives of seniors and help them remain active and engaged in their communities.


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