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Anastasiya Paitra

Chief Operating Officer at Outsourcing of Web and Mobile development company Mifort. Offer developers with good rates.
United Kingdom
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Anastasiya Paitra is a highly accomplished professional, with a diverse skill set spanning engineering, business administration, management, and design. She holds a Master's degree in Engineering Sciences, Construction, and has completed postgraduate training in English. Anastasiya has since gone on to gain extensive experience in sales, business development, and customer service, having worked in various managerial positions for companies such as Mifort, REALTING, and Coswick Hardwood Inc.

Additionally, Anastasiya has worked as a business analyst for VDS, as well as an assistant to the General Director of Construction at Horizont Group. She has also held managerial positions at Galacticos Investment Company.

Throughout her career, Anastasiya has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a drive to succeed. She is a highly efficient problem solver with a keen eye for detail and a proven ability to manage complex tasks efficiently.

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