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Amy Gannaway

Mountain View, California, United States
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Amy Gannaway is a seasoned HR and Technology leader with an extensive background in successful application implementations, team mentoring, job rotation, and cross-functional partnership. She is currently the Vice President for Global Compensation, Benefits and People Insights at VMware, where she has built a solid reputation for budget management, project development, and vendor partnership. Amy holds a B.S. in Business Operations and Management Information Systems and an M.S. in Information Systems, both from Santa Clara University.

Throughout her career, Amy has focused on implementing and leveraging employee technology solutions, including Workday, as well as championing Diversity Equity & Inclusion, equitable pay, employee recognition, and well-being. Her key competencies include negotiation, influencing skills, ROI proposal development, and cross-functional partnership.

Before joining VMware, Amy held various leadership positions in Borland Software, Business Objects, Kana Software, and Affymetrix, where she gained experience in global compensation, HRIS, and IT management. Her broad industry experience and expertise have made her an invaluable asset to the businesses she has worked with.

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