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Summarize Alexi Rakestraw’s background before I meet with them

Alexi Rakestraw

New York, New York, United States
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Alexi Rakestraw is a highly professional and knowledgeable commercial real estate advisor who has established herself as an experienced expert in the industry. With a wealth of knowledge in the field, Alexi has become a key player in assisting clients with leasing, investing, acquiring and selling commercial real estate properties.

She currently serves as a commercial real estate advisor at Newmark, where she provides valuable insights and guidance to her clients. Her expertise in the industry is vast, allowing her to understand the market trends and dynamics to help her clients make informed decisions.

Alexi Rakestraw's experience has given her the ability to identify and evaluate different investment opportunities as well as understand the implications of market trends on real estate transactions. Her focus is to provide exceptional services by understanding clients' specific needs and guiding them in their business decisions.

Her work as a commercial real estate advisor has allowed her to develop expertise in various real estate sectors, including retail, office, industrial, and healthcare properties. She has also built a strong reputation for efficiency, quick responsiveness, and dedication to providing clients with superior service.

In conclusion, Alexi Rakestraw is an accomplished commercial real estate advisor who has built a thriving career in the industry. Her vast experience and knowledge have made her a trusted advisor in the field, and her dedication to providing clients with exceptional services has earned her immense respect from both clients and colleagues in the real estate community.

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