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Alexandros Vogiatzis

Translation - Localization - Language Engineering - Translation Project Management - Data Analytics - Translation Quality Management
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Thessaloniki Metropolitan Area
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Alexandros Vogiatzis is an accomplished linguist and language services professional with a diverse background in translation and project management. With a Master's degree in Translation and Interpreting from The University of Sheffield and a Bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages, Translation, and Interpreting from Ionian University, he has honed his skills in delivering high-quality, culturally sensitive translations across a wide range of domains.

As a Freelance Translator, Alexandros specialized in technical, medical, and business/financial translations, demonstrating his versatility and expertise in various industries such as life sciences, automotive, power generation, consumer electronics, and business/finance. His dedication to accuracy and attention to detail have made him a trusted resource for organizations seeking reliable translation services.

Transitioning into Translation Project Management, he excelled in coordinating complex projects, sourcing suitable resources, and providing guidance to ensure outstanding outcomes. Alexandros contributed to the creation of style guides and project instruction frameworks, ensuring consistency and meeting client-specific requirements. His ability to efficiently manage global teams and optimize linguistic assets, such as translation memories and terminology databases, has consistently delivered exceptional results.

In his role as a Senior Project Manager, Alexandros not only led international teams but also played a crucial role in enhancing their skills as a company trainer. Building strong client relationships, he earned positive ratings and improved satisfaction, resulting in repeat business and lasting partnerships. His expertise in process optimization, team leadership, and client relationship management has made him a valuable asset in the language services industry.

As an Account Manager/Senior Localization Quoting Specialist at Welocalize, Alexandros achieved significant milestones despite the challenging COVID-19 pandemic. He sustained consistent sales growth, expanded accounts, and negotiated favorable terms, leading to increased gross margins. His dedication to excellence, strategic thinking, and negotiation skills have propelled him as a successful sales professional in the language services sector.

Overall, Alexandros Vogiatzis brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and passion for delivering outstanding translation and localization solutions. With his proven track record in various industries, proficiency in project management, strong communication skills, and dedication to client satisfaction, he is well-positioned to drive positive outcomes and value for any organization in need of language services.

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