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What are some of Alan S Kochโ€™s interests or hobbies?
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Alan S Koch

Enabling IT Excellence
Waterford, Pennsylvania
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Alan Koch is an accomplished author, speaker, and consultant with over fifteen years of experience in the IT industry. He is known for delivering reliable, cost-effective IT services and training to IT professionals globally. Koch specializes in IT process management, software development methodologies, agile methodologies, software/service quality, IT project management, and development-operations integration. He possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Edinboro University and studied MS, Management Science at the University of Dayton.

Koch is currently a Senior Technical Lead Instructor at Cprime, Inc. His previous experiences include being a columnist at Project Connections and CM Crossroads, owner and principal consultant at ASK Process, Inc., senior principal software engineer at Zenetex and NCR Corporation, process improvement contractor at Raytheon, director of data processing at Villa Maria College, among others.

Koch's expertise in IT process management has earned him recognition in thousands of IT organizations worldwide, helping them ensure dependable, smooth IT services. He is also skilled in software development methodologies such as CMMI-DEV, Agile methodologies like Scrum, Extreme Programming, IT service management (ITIL & CMMI-SVC), project management (PMBOK), software, and service quality; testing, reviews, and quality assurance. Koch also has a keen interest in development-operations integration (DevOps), facilitating the continuous delivery of high-quality software.

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