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Summarize Aaron Wepler’s background before I meet with them

Aaron Wepler

Chief Technology Officer
Los Angeles, California, United States
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Aaron Wepler is an accomplished technology leader with over a decade of experience in delivering groundbreaking solutions across industries. He holds a degree in Business Administration, Banking, and Finance from William Jewell College, and his expertise spans Agile, Data, Cloud Computing, Application Architecture, Business Intelligence, AI, and APIs. Wepler is passionate about technology and is dedicated to creating organizations that consistently deliver outstanding user experiences.

Currently serving as the Chief Technology Officer at MFour Mobile Research, Wepler has previously held positions of Senior Director, Business Solutions and Platforms at CoreLogic, Advisory Solutions Architect at Pivotal, Senior Data Engineer at Accelerated Vision, Senior Data Engineer at Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Business Intelligence Developer at Layne Christensen, Budget & Reporting Analyst at HNTB, Financial Analyst at HNTB, and Billing Associate at HNTB.

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