Alla OliinykFrance, France

Alla Oliinyk is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with academic degrees in medicine and economics. She has shown significant interest in the fields of Venture Capital, HealthTech, BioTech, and SocioeconomicTech. With extensive experience in startup development and innovation, Alla possesses strong business-creating skills and strategical leadership when it comes to Venture Capital Management. Her education ranges from studying Master of Business Administration – pMBA, Leadership program, Corporate Governance, Business Administration and Management at INSEAD to Medicine, Scientific Fellowship, Allergology and clinical immunology at the University of Geneva.

Alla believes in developing social institutions promoting the importance of knowledge-based economies, education, freedoms, and human rights, especially in Ukraine, a country that faces many humanitarian challenges. As a native of Ukraine, she invests her time, effort, and expertise into national-scale education and socio-economic growth.

Oliinyk has served in various positions, including Co-founder and Managing Partner at Inblu Ventures, and Founder of Socioeconomics in Social Networks "Nimses Analytica" at STATION F. Furthermore, she served as Chief Executive Officer at PJSC Fitofarm, Strategic Investor at Outsourcing Group, Business Development Director at Astrum Investment Management, Founder, Strategic Director at Art Strategy, Marketing Manager, Oncology Unit at Roche Pharmaceuticals, Founder, Strategic Director at AMEDA, Clinical Research Associate at Sanofi, and Research Scientist at Université Paris Descartes.

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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.