Radu Gabriel JudeleSolihull, England, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

Radu Gabriel Judele is a highly skilled and experienced Demand Generation marketer who specializes in working with B2B software companies to maximize their marketing potential. With a talent for developing and implementing new marketing frameworks and experimentation processes, Radu is an expert in generating new leads and nurturing them into valuable, high-quality customers. He is a diligent and technical marketer who spends a lot of time studying new tactics and tools to keep up-to-date with industry trends and leverage any emerging opportunities.

Radu is an independent consultant who collaborates with companies to develop revenue-driving marketing frameworks that leverage their existing resources and teams. He conducts audits of a client's digital marketing performance, identifying areas for improvement, and develops customized strategies based on their unique requirements. Radu has achieved significant success in his career already, increasing website traffic and generating 325% more leads than client campaigns previously conducted. He has also achieved 300-400% higher CTR than LinkedIn benchmarks, increasing Demo Requests by 135% for an employer, and improving paid search traffic by 470% with an identical budget.

Radu has expertise in numerous areas, including account-based marketing, paid media, marketing automation, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, B2B content marketing, digital analytics, Go-to-Market Strategy, B2B Marketing Planning, B2B Content Mapping, and Marketing and Sales Alignment. He is an avid learner, always seeking to enhance his knowledge of modern marketing technologies and methodologies.

demand generationb2b softwaremarketing frameworkslead generationdigital marketing performancemarketing strategyaccount-based marketingpaid mediamarketing automationsearch engine optimizationb2b content marketingdigital analyticsmarketing planningcontent mappingsales alignment
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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.