Jen WongSan Francisco, California, United States, United States
I solve problems with React, Redux, Node and GraphQL. ❤️ building intuitive user experiences & open-source 💻 contributor to Eventbrite Britecharts & Facebook React.
Software Engineer
Jan 2018 - Current
- Worked 100% remote on a distributed team - Architected and built feature rich Stack Overflow style web forum with React, Redux, Redux Sagas, GraphQL and Node.js - Sped up new component development by 10% by writing a Node.js CLI that scaffolded react boiler plate. Tool was adopted across teams. - Implemented complex state management of search queries using Redux, query string urls and local storage cache - Integrated LaunchDarkly into our application for decoupled frontend/backend continuous deployment and A/B testing - Built intuitive, well designed features given high level product specs and minimal guidance - Wrote scalable, performant code with 90% Jest/Enzyme test coverage - Created a new application whose design and structure were adopted as the company standard
Q/A Engineer
Couchsurfing International
2014 - 2016
- Couchsurfing International is a travel network used by over 10 million people - Conducted user-research interviews enabling Couchsurfing to rebuild site from scratch launching a completely redesigned, responsive and fast version in 6 months with data-driven optimization of UX and UI - Created Q/A strategy and test plans for web, iOS and Android platforms for continuous delivery releases - Co-led CS LGBTQ Out and Proud in Tech group
Web Developer & Technical Analyst
2010 - 2014
- Designed and implemented website UX and UI, HTML email templates and updated internal technical documentation
Web Developer
University of Victoria
2008 - 2010
- Built new website, migrated legacy codebase, managed hosting and created html emails
Web Developer
University of Victoria
2005 - 2007
- Created designs and assets using Adobe Creative Suite and built websites using HTML and CSS
University of Victoria
Honors Baccalaureus, Professional Writing and Political Science
Hack Reactor
Software Engineering
InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.
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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.

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