James MorrisSalt Lake City, Utah, United States

Meet James Morris, an accomplished educator and expert in instructional design and educational technology. With a Master's degree in education and psychology from the University of Utah, and a Bachelor's in health promotion and education also from the University of Utah, James has built an impressive resume delivering training and curriculum development across various industries.

Currently, James is at EnerBank USA holding the position of AVP, Director of Training where he is responsible for leading the training and development team. Prior to that, he was an Adjunct Faculty Instructor at Westminster College, teaching master's level courses in strategic communications and instructional design.

James has extensive experience serving as an instructional designer, previously holding positions at EnerBank USA, Westminster College, and JetBlue Airways, in which he designed and developed curricula for various audiences. Additionally, James has experience as a health educator and safety coordinator for organizations, including Salt Lake County and the University of Utah.

With such a diverse professional background, James's wealth of expertise enables him to offer a unique perspective and deliver training and curriculum development solutions that span across various industries. If you're looking for a professional with a wealth of educational and instructional design experience, James Morris is the person to engage.

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