Conor MacCormack

Conor MacCormack is a highly accomplished and entrepreneurial CEO with a proven track record of driving projects from conception to full-scale international recognition. With skills that include innovation, product development, strategic planning, fundraising, and leadership, he has a unique blend of talents that have propelled him into the spotlight of the business world. Conor was formerly the CEO of Mcor Technologies where he launched 4 flagship products during a 10-year period and raised $20 million dollars investment from both angel and VC investors. Additionally, he has vast experience working with the local enterprise boards and Enterprise Ireland and developed a valuable distribution network of 150 dealers across 50 countries. With a rich educational background that includes a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Technological University Dublin and a PhD in Finite Element Analysis, Optimisation for a cold forging process from Trinity College Dublin, Conor has honed his skills in business development, fund raising, team development, culture development, strong analytical skills, and thought leadership. He is highly experienced as a conference speaker and thought leader, as well as being seasoned in media relations including coverage on Fox News and in Forbes, Fortune, BBC and Motley Fool to name but a few. Conor has co-invented 13 worldwide patent families and is proficient in both patent filing and maintenance. As Co-Owner of Room One Machine Design LTD, Conor continues to be a strategic driving force in any business environment.

ceoentrepreneurinnovationproduct developmentstrategic planningfundraisingleadershipdistributionmechanical engineeringanalytical skillsthought leadershipconference speakerpatent filingbusiness development
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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.