Liubomyr Poliarush

Liubomyr Poliarush is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in technology licensing, product management, and branding. He earned a Master’s Degree in informational measurement from Lviv National Polytechnic University and studied economics at Lviv Academic Gymnasia. With over a decade of experience, he has held leadership roles at companies such as ABBYY, Henkel, and Intel Corporation. Poliarush also served as Vice-president of Out-Going Exchange at AIESEC in Ukraine, where he demonstrated excellent leadership and interpersonal skills. As Head of Technology Licensing Business Unit at ABBYY, Poliarush has contributed significantly to the company's growth and success. He has also worked in employee branding at Київстар, PR Department at Centrum Łowicka, and Promo department at Intel Corporation. Liubomyr is a talented and accomplished professional with an exceptional work ethic and a proven track record of achieving success in his career.

technology licensingproduct managementemployee brandingprpromotional marketingeconomicsinformational measurementabbyyhenkelout-going exchangeaiesecintel corporationcentrum łowickakievstar
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