Nic McCaffreyMelbourne, Victoria, Australia

Nic McCaffrey is a highly accomplished and experienced ecologist with over a decade of experience working in various ecological roles. Nic holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science with a major in Natural Resource Management from Deakin University. Throughout his career, he has held various roles in ecology consulting, research, and environmental services. Nic has worked as a Principal Ecologist & Ecology Team Leader at WSP in Australia & New Zealand, where he led projects with extensive experience in ecological management and impact assessments. Moreover, he has previously worked at Biosis Pty Ltd, where he worked as a Technical Officer, Université Laval, where he was an English Teacher, and the National Trust of Australia where he was a Bush Regenerator. Currently, as Honorary Fellow at The University of Queensland, he continues to contribute to research in ecology and environmental science.

In his long career, Nic has developed exceptional expertise in environmental conservation, natural resource management, and ecological impact assessments. His skills include project management, research, data collection, and analysis, conservation planning, biodiversity assessments, and vegetation management, among others. Nic has extensive experience in fauna and flora assessments, ecological restoration and management planning, and reporting for environmental impact assessments, biodiversity assessments, and other ecological studies. He is a competent communicator and has excelled in multidisciplinary teams, ensuring that projects are carried out in a professionally ethical and environmentally sustainable way.

ecologistnatural resource managementimpact assessmentsproject managementbiodiversity assessmentsconservationenvironmental science
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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.