Pavlo DeviatkinSlovenia, Slovenia
I am working as Sysadmin/DevOPS for almost 20 years already, and I love my job. I am really passionate about clouds, virtualisation and especially automatisation of all processes. I really like kubernetes/docker/containers, because it makes my life much easier and I have more time to spent on learning, traveling, friends and electronic music events. Here is a list of things which I like and really good at: - Planning and implementing it infrastructure for projects of any size - Creating fault tolerant systems and Disaster recovery plans/strategies - Organize workflow and processes for developers-teams, including development, testing, continuous integration and delivery for code/apps - Automation of IT processes. Provision, Monitoring, Autoscaling and managing of all IT resources.
DevOps Tech Lead
Platphorm, LLC
Dec 2017 - Current
LS/EC Project: Fully automated virtual IT infrastructure, based on Kubernetes and Docker, CI/CD, failover and autoscale configurations. Working as part of the big international team, learning sessions for DevOps, Devs, and QA teams.
DevOps Engineer
Platphorm, LLC
Jan 2015 - Current
PH Project: Planning and implementing IT infrastructure for project, failover and disaster recovery plans, support for Developers and QA teams. Continuous integration and Delivery (CI/CD) organized on top of docker cluster with Jenkins.
DevOps Technical Lead
Platphorm, LLC
Jun 2012 - Current
NF Project: Hardware and Virtual Infrastructure (AWS). Disaster recovery plans and procedures, configurations management and deployment automation, support for international developers and QA teams, precise monitoring of all parts of Infrastructure and Applications, troubleshooting 24/7/365
System Administrator
Dec 2011 - Jul 2012
System Administrator
Cupid plc
Mar 2011 - Dec 2011
The biggest dating network in UK. Managing monitoring and support IT infrastructure. 200 linux servers, more than 10 mln active users, ~100 developers. Mysql clusters, puppet, PHP, Apache, Nginx, DNS, Postfix, mass post mailings, , high load, high availability, international team.
System Administrator
2010 - Mar 2011
Planning, creating and managing of infrastructure of a web projects with more than 10 million visits per day. 99.9% service availability , working with Cloud providers (Amazon, Rackspace), auto-scaling and high availability clusters.
Head of IT-infrastructure team.
Actio IT
Mar 2005 - Mar 2010
Creating a distributed network with points of presence from Germany to Kazakhstan (more than 200 points of presence) VPN, access control and services availability monitoring, corporate telephony (VoIP), corporate mail, Spam Fighting, Development and implementation of standards for information security,
System Operator
GreenLine InetCafe
Mar 2000 - Mar 2002
Linux gateway server, Internet sharing to LAN and dialup users, computer time and traffic accounting system, email and WEB servers.
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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.

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