Andrew J.Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Canada

Andrew J. is a veteran UX professional with over two decades of experience. His expertise includes Information Architecture, User Experience Research, and Product Design Management. He has worked on diverse projects ranging from complex web applications to award-winning education sites and science exhibits. As an educator, Andrew has the pleasure of teaching end-users how to use complex systems within the frame of reference to their own experiences and understandings.

Alongside his UX work, Andrew serves in volunteer roles as an organizer for local UX groups, and as Director of Community and Events at World IA Day, Inc. He is a specialist in the education sector, with practical knowledge of the post-secondary in governance, education outcomes, systems, and interdepartmental and student relations. Andrew is dedicated to design thinking, holistic problem-solving methodologies, and dynamically tailored discovery and validation to communicate the needs and address the problems of the stakeholders and users through customized user testing and research techniques.

Andrew's multidisciplinary and empathetic work ethic is centered around people, the users, and he is a strong advocate for usability, accessibility, and multiculturalism. His collaborative and bridging skills are apparent in both creative and technical environments, enabling him to organize various special interest groups to bring lifelong learners together. With a curious mind for lifelong learning in diverse areas of knowledge and understanding, Andrew J. represents a valuable asset to any team.

ux professionalinformation architectureuser experience researcheducation sectormultidisciplinarydesign thinkinguser testingresearch techniquesaccessibilitymulticulturalismlifelong learning
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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.