Sonal ChokshiSan Francisco, California, United States
Sonal Chokshi is Editor in Chief at Andreessen Horowitz, aka "a16z", which she joined in early 2014. Among other things, this includes building the editorial operation and producing and hosting the popular a16z Podcast, which she grew in listenership more than 100X; it is consistently included in best-of lists and listed as one of the top podcasts in tech. She also assigned and edited hits such as "When One App Rules Them All" on the case study of WeChat in China, which was selected in the New York Times 2015 as one of the best long-form essays (for "brilliantly marrying psychology, intellect and technology"); edited a huge special package on 16 Things/trends from a16z; led production of the Crypto Canon, 16 metrics, Dell-EMC analysis, and others; launched the a16z newsletters; and much more. Before joining a16z, Sonal was a Senior Editor at WIRED, where she built up the previously flailing expert opinion/ideas section into one of the leading sections there. She was one of the first mainstream editors to feature then-emerging trends such as e-sports, ethereum, the 'sharing economy', and others. Besides editing a who's-who of top experts from various fields, Sonal also discovered key budding or unknown talents, many of whom have gone on to become even bigger successes. Her work at WIRED also started or shaped important conversations around the future of the internet, influenced tech policy, and more. Prior to that, Sonal directed content and community at Xerox PARC, where she went deep on domains such as automation, bioinformatics, bitcoin, cleantech, flexible electronics, microfluidics, natural language, networking, optoelectronics, ubiquitous computing, and many more. Before that, Sonal was doing graduate work in developmental/cognitive psychology at Columbia University's school of education, where she also worked as a researcher on NSF grants around teacher professional development and early numeracy. She studied English & Psychology at UCLA.
Opinion Editor
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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.