Sam CorcosNew York, New York, United States
Sam is Co-Founder and CEO at Levels ( Levels is the dashboard for your body’s metabolism, giving you personalized insights into how different foods affect your body and your health. We make use of real-time glucose monitoring paired with diet and other metrics to help you optimize your life. He is also a founder at CarDash (, a Y Combinator company that makes automotive repair and maintenance as convenient and transparent as possible. His previous venture, Sightline Maps, provides an intuitive platform for 3D printing and visualizing topographical maps, marketed primarily towards the U.S. military. He also wrote a technical book, Learn Phoenix, on building scalable, highly-concurrent web and mobile applications with Phoenix, React, and React Native and he co-authored a paper in the field of oncology on the effects of cisplatin used in conjunction with purified green tea polyphenols on non-small cell lung carcinoma. He reads a lot of books and enjoys deep, intellectual conversations more than anything else, which is why he's hosted weekly salon dinners in both New York and San Francisco on a wide variety of subjects. He has expertise in Node, Express, Next, React, GraphQL, Serverless architecture, Elixir, Phoenix, AWS, Mapbox, D3, and a host of other technologies.
Co-Founder, CEO
Jul 2019 - Current
Levels is a health and wellness company committed to advancing personalized health knowledge. Through data-driven discovery, science-backed education, and individualized coaching, Levels motivates people to optimize their metabolic well-being.Our mission is to provide the access, technology, and expertise necessary to understand the biological status of one’s own body and to deliver personalized, democratized biometric data in a meaningful, understandable and actionable way.
Mentor, USC Incubator
University of Southern California
2020 - 2020
The USC Marshall Greif Incubator, which accelerates the development of its top student and alumni entrepreneurs, asked me to be a mentor.
Guest Lecturer
Stanford Continuing Studies
2020 - 2020
Guest lecturer for BUS 243: Strategies for Creating Products That Deliver Value. Covered topics ranging from finding product market fit, Jobs to be Done framework, and product development.
Founder, CTO
Nov 2016 - Jul 2018
Y Combinator S17. CarDash is an automotive repair concierge service that makes car maintenance as painless as possible. I founded the company along with Yinon and Todd, built the original technology stack, and scaled up the engineering team.Built with a statically-hosted (CloudFront) React frontend using Redux and Apollo for state and data management. Backend built with Node, GraphQL, Apollo, and Serverless. Native app built with React Native, Redux, and Apollo.
Founder, CTO
Sightline Maps
Jan 2015 - Feb 2017
At Sightline Maps, we built a system to 3D printing topographical maps primarily marketed to the US Military. We eventually expanded our functionality to include LiDAR data visualization and VR. Worked with Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to develop mapping technology under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA). Built with a mostly-serverless architecture with a statically-hosted frontend with React and S3/CloudFront, Phoenix and Python/Flask backend, and image processing handled by AWS Lambda.
Founder, Engineering Lead
California Estimates LLC
Dec 2013 - Jan 2015
Worked with a domain expert to built a better estimating software tool for the construction industry. The product focused on countertop fabricators to allow them to send more, accurate bids in a fraction of the time it took with contemporary methodology.Built with Meteor and Blaze.
UC Davis Medical Center
2005 - 2006
Two-year summer internship in the oncology department under Dr. Paul Gumerlock and Dr. Phil Mack.Co-author of "Sequence-dependent of apoptosis from green tea polyphenol, epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) plus cisplatin (CDDP) in non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) cells."
Claremont McKenna College
BA, Economics
Y Combinator
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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.