Hesam KhodabakhshiSan Francisco, California, United States

Hesam Khodabakhshi is an accomplished industrial and product designer who has worked with several renowned organizations. With a Master's Degree in Industrial and Product Design from Florence Design Academy and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Product Design from San Jose State University, he possesses a diverse range of skills and expertise. He has worked with a variety of prestigious companies such as Porsche Digital, Carbon Health, 23andMe, and Idean, among others, as a visual and product designer, advising on design strategies and providing creative design direction.

Hesam has honed his expertise in both industrial and product design by working with several organizations in various capacities. During his tenure at Speck Products, he served as both an industrial designer and an intern, where he designed phone and tablet cases. His role as a designer at eSwapp involved advice on design strategies and direction for UX/UI, while at DesignMap, he worked on visually designing and structuring web applications.

Furthermore, his innovative design abilities have helped him flourish in the customer experience and visual design field. At Carbon Health and 23andMe, he worked as a senior product designer and visual designer, respectively. With his interdisciplinary understanding of design, Hesam's role was to design visually compelling interfaces and products that cater to the user's needs.

Lastly, as a User Experience Designer at Porsche Digital, Hesam is responsible for conceptualizing ideas related to digital platforms and creating design solutions that are innovative, simple, and intuitive. His role enables him to combine his passion for technology and innovation with his extensive knowledge of design.

industrial designproduct designux/uivisual designcustomer experienceporschecarbon health23andmeinnovationdesign strategy
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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.