Paige CraigAtlanta Metropolitan Area, United States
I believe COVID will radically transform how we live, how we work, and what we value. I am focused on investments in technology that will transform our lives AND I'm focused on investing in new managers who will find, fund, and manage those investments. I spent the first half of my career in the Marine Corps and US Intelligence Community and later launched a defense business, driving alone into Iraq in 2003 with just $10,000 and expanding operations across the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, and Southeast Asia. I'm an experienced early and growth-stage investor who has invested in over 100 startups in the last decade including Twitter, Lyft, Wish, Postmates, Gusto, Scale,, Clover Health, Opendoor, Bird, Classpass, Andela, and Angellist.
Managing Partner + Founder
Outlander VC
Jun 2020 - Current
Outlander VC invests in outlandish ideas at the earliest stages. Leveraging 20+ years of investing experience—including 17 portfolio unicorns and returns in the top 5% of VCs globally—we identify and invest in the most innovative early-stage tech startups pre-revenue and pre-product through our proprietary, 32-point Founder Framework. Learn more ⇢
Mayhaw Capital
Feb 2019 - Current
Family Office for the Craig Family
Feb 2018 - Current
Bird is a last-mile electric vehicle sharing company transforming cities and connecting communities.
Managing Partner
Arena Ventures
Jan 2015 - Current
Learn more at I manage Arena Ventures early stage investments into software startups in LA, SF and NYC. We lead early stage investments in the world's best founders. Our process is focused on people first: understanding the founding team and digging into their history, skills, character, motivations and passion. We work with brilliant, hard-working and uniquely competitive founders who pursue massive visions backed up by thoughtful and bold action. We selectively back founders whose ideas are unique and timely; ideas that leverage the future shifts in culture, society, markets and technology. We focus on companies that produce a product or service that a consumer or business will pay for even in the earliest days. We also focus on leadership, brand building and community.
Oct 2012 - Current
Apr 2012 - Current
Postmates Inc.
Nov 2011 - Current
Jan 2011 - Current
Oct 2010 - Current
Strategic Advisor
Feb 2018 - Mar 2019
CEO & Cofounder
Oct 2010 - May 2012
As CEO I brought together an amazing team of people with a vision to make work more rewarding. I wanted to create a platform that would let any company bring perks, recognition and better culture to the workplace via our integrated platform. Ultimately I failed - I built a business model with very little margin and sold a solution that was only attractive to a small number of companies in the United States. I shut the company down in Summer of 2012 and returned the remaining capital to our investors. This was probably the lowest point of my professional career.
Sep 2010 - Oct 2017
Angel Investor
Sep 2008 - Jan 2015
As an angel investor I invested my personal money into startups in their earliest days. I love finding brilliant, competitive, hard-working founders; investing in them early and helping them in the earliest days of their companies. I completed 101 deals over 7 years and created an early stage portfolio that includes Lyft, Wish, Postmates, Angellist, Zenpayroll, Twitter (Backtype acq), Classpass (Fitmob acq), Styleseat, Plated, Livefyre, Klout, Laurelandwolf, Honk, Mattermark, Quizup and several dozen more. My angel profile is at:
Founder & CEO
Lincoln Group
Nov 2003 - 2010
Private Military Company operating across Middle East, Africa, SE Asia
marine corps
1995 - 2000
marine corps
1995 - 2000
United States Military Academy at West Point
University of Maryland
BS, Management Information Systems
National University
California State University-Sacramento
Pacific Rim International Relations / Chinese
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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.