Nina StepanovNew York, New York, United States
Passionately and arguably obsessively supporting founders in making their dreams come true.
Angel Investor
Nov 2021 - Current
Angel Investor
Jul 2021 - Current
Angel Investor
May 2021 - Current
Angel Investor
Une Femme Wines
Apr 2021 - Current
Led an SPV into their Seed round.
Angel Investor
Apr 2021 - Current
Angel Investor
Mar 2021 - Current
Sep 2019 - Current
Director of Platform
Sep 2020 - Jan 2022
After 3.5 years at Forum Ventures, I wanted to operate again but saw a unique opportunity to mix operating and venture at Contrary. I joined Contrary to lead a first-of-its-kind, massively ambitious community and talent-first fund. While there, I supported a team of 10 across numerous investing and platform initiatives all centered on delivering a world-class network for the most promising builders and thinkers in startup. During my time their, I supported my team with large-scale in-person and online event execution, building a hands-on, tech-driven talent management process, scaling a Venture Partner network that spans across the US and Canada, and running the Contrary Fellowship, which serves today's best and brightest talent, from engineers to product people, designers and investors.
Advisory Board Member
Forum Ventures
Sep 2020 - Mar 2021
Forum Ventures
Aug 2019 - Sep 2020
A few years into my career as an operator, I decided to pursue a career in venture capital. I began my process in Boston and eventually left my startup role and went to New York without an offer to network my way into the industry. Soon after, I joined Forum Ventures (fka Acceleprise) when it was just Mike Cardamone, the founder of the fund and Whitney Sales running the flagship, San Francisco program. When I left, the team had grown into 3 cities, 3 Managing Directors, 2 Associates, 2 Program Managers and a full marketing and business development team. I, alongside Mike, built our New York City presence, followed soon after with Toronto, a dual effort with Jonah Midanik. During my time at the fund, I rose from a career-shifting Associate role to Principal Investor, while handling various parts of the fund including new office launches, investor network growth and management, multi-city demo day execution (online and in-person), portfolio support specifically on GTM and brand strategy, and so much more. I helped raise subsequent funds, launched a Studio, and handled much of the brand-building for the firm. My work at Forum Ventures is some of the highest level execution I've had in my career.
Board Observer
Apr 2019 - Oct 2020
Investment Associate
Forum Ventures
Nov 2017 - Aug 2019
Head Of Marketing
ViewPoint Cloud
Aug 2016 - Jul 2017
Acquired by OpenGov in 2019 Leaving HubSpot just after their IPO to join ViewPoint, a bootstrapped govtech startup, was a very personal decision as I wanted to get back in the weeds before getting into venture. I left one of the best marketing teams in the country at that time to built my own at ViewPoint. I built an entire marketing strategy from ground up to include an inbound content strategy, webinars and in-person events, partnerships with industry leaders, social media strategy, and brand thought leadership within the govtech industry. I brought together Sales and Marketing using HubSpot software to create clear attribution reporting as well as countless nurturing campaigns aided by our thought leadership strategies. I grew monthly visits and conversions by 2-4x month-over-month all while tightening existing budget and focusing all fronts on providing the best experience for existing customers. Uniquely, I took over our RFP process, which drove over 50% of sales for the business and was able to increase our application as well as improve our likelihood of being shortlisted. This strategy led to multiple state-wide RFP wins and a powerfully streamlined sales process, which eventually began to inform our product and growth strategy.
Marketing Operations Manager
Oct 2014 - Aug 2016
IPO'd in 2014 HubSpot offered me a full time role on their world-class marketing team while I was still in college. In lieu of dropping out, I dropped my marketing concentration and graduated early to take the opportunity. During my time at HubSpot, I worked on two very different teams. The first half was spent building an advocacy platform and referral revenue source for HubSpot, which garnered over $60k in MRR from leads who closed 3x faster than regular leads and reduced CAC by roughly 50%. The second was focused on where I worked under Dharmesh Shah, helping to build the world’s largest community of marketers and growth analysts on the web.
Demand Generation Marketing, Associate Manager
Jan 2014 - Jun 2014
I joined Intuit after working at a very small startup to see what big company culture and problems felt like. It was a unique experience that gave me a strong understanding of the impact cross-functional process improvements can have on a massive organization. I originally joined the Demand Generation team to support on email marketing and up-sell campaign management but ended up identifying an inefficiency that was causing the Sales, Marketing, Design and Customer Success teams to operate much less efficiently when it came to running cross-functional campaigns aimed at closing new customers and upselling existing users. I ended up working with a team of Intuit Solutions Engineers to build a platform using Intuit's QuickBase product that improved alignment between these disparate teams. The tool increased the number of campaigns run per month by 5x, created a massive asset repository and meaningfully improved visibility and communication across said teams.
Marketing Associate
Jan 2013 - Jun 2013
Acquired by Medium in 2016 Embedly was my first real job and the gig I blame my deep obsession with startups on. Sean, Art, Kawan, Andy, Bob, and John, if you're reading this, thank you. I was the first non-technical hire at Embedly and was a co-op (6-months, full time). I was primarily responsible for customer support (often technical), marketing (including content, social, and hackathons) and sales support (predominantly enterprise clients).
Northeastern University
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Ridgewood High School
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