Leo PolovetsMiami, Florida, United States
I'm a co-founder and General Partner at Susa Ventures. I invest across sectors, but mostly focus on b2b companies. A few specific sectors I've invested in heavily are enterprise software; developer tools and technical products; and logistics and supply chain. I led Susa's investments in dozens of companies, including Outlier, Pex, Scalyr, and Stedi. Having been a software engineer for 10+ years, I approach challenges with an engineering mindset and support portfolio companies in vetting and hiring technical talent. Prior to Susa, I was the second engineering hire at LinkedIn where I helped build the first versions of products like LinkedIn Jobs and LinkedIn Groups. I then worked on payment fraud detection algorithms at Google, and was also an early engineer at Factual, where I built data cleaning, processing, and deduping software.
General Partner
Susa Ventures
Dec 2012 - Current
Working hard to build a top tier seed stage venture fund. We've been fortunate enough to work with the founders of amazing companies like Robinhood, Flexport, Policygenius, Andela, Expanse, and Newfront Insurance.
Nov 2014 - Nov 2015
Focused on entity resolution, fraud detection, data science, and recruiting.
Ozlo Inc.
Dec 2013 - Aug 2017
Focused on entity resolution. Ozlo was acquired by Facebook in 2017.
Senior Software Engineer
Feb 2009 - Dec 2012
- Designed, implemented, and Hadoopified most of Factual’s data processing pipeline, including the data extraction, data cleaning, and entity resolution frameworks. The entity resolution implementation is a key piece of Factual’s dataset curation process, as well as the basis for Factual’s flagship Crosswalk and Resolve APIs (TechCrunch coverage: http://goo.gl/UC6pK ). - Designed and implemented a distributed in-memory search engine. The search engine indexed 500m documents, ran across 10 machines, and had a continuous uptime of almost one year before being decommissioned for business reasons. - Non-technical accomplishments: did recruiting outreach, which was eventually responsible for 20% of Factual’s engineering hires; was heavily involved in the interview process; wrote company blog posts and answered questions on Quora; helped shape company culture (started annual happiness survey, influenced recruiting process and performance reviews, etc.); co-presented talk at O’Reilly’s Strata Conference (http://youtu.be/pR3WdGbDKiI).
Software Engineer
Oct 2005 - Feb 2009
- Designed and implemented most core infrastructure for payment fraud detection. Projects included the signal and model computation frameworks, configuration manager, and automated model definition generator. - Implemented various fraud signals, including tumbling detection and gibberish detection. - Designed and implemented a generic ETL framework to get raw data from external sources (files, databases, logs, etc.), transform that data using the signal computation framework, and save results to the fraud data warehouse. - Rewrote the exception handling system, which reduced the production exception rate by 90%. - Aggressively refactored the codebase, reducing its size by 50 KLOC. - Introduced performance-boosting features like signal evaluation caching across multiple requests, signal definition caching across models, and optimal signal evaluation ordering. - Developed sandboxes for fraud signal and model testing. - Implemented Blogger integration and several new styles for Google Docs. - Non-technical accomplishments: maintained internal wikis; wrote numerous design docs and code tutorials; mentored interns and full-time employees; conducted dozens of interviews.
Software Engineer
Dec 2003 - Oct 2005
- Worked on most website features released between late 2003 and late 2005. Wrote code for the DB, business logic, and GUI tiers for projects that included PayPal integration, address book parsing, enabling users to select request routes, LinkedIn Groups, and LinkedIn Jobs. - Designed and implemented a new algorithm for finding paths between members that was faster than the previous algorithm by a factor of over 200. - Tuned performance of graph algorithms and other bottlenecks in the system as LinkedIn grew from 30,000 users to 3,000,000 users. Rewrote several JDK classes to improve performance. - Non-technical accomplishments: mentored new developers; wrote design specs for new features; conducted dozens of interviews.
Software Engineer
Jun 2003 - Nov 2003
Intern Java Developer
2000 - 2002
California Institute of Technology
BS with Honors, Engineering and Applied Science (Computer Science)
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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.