Damir BecirovicSan Francisco, California, United States
Hi there! I'm Damir. I'm an investor at Index Ventures. I've been at Index for the last 7 years. Investing in founders who are building category-defining businesses is my dream job and one that I hope I can continue to do for the long-term. I was inspired to pursue a career in this industry after taking 2 classes on the topic while at USC. I attribute some of my luck in getting this job to a cold email that I sent (happy to share that story). I consider myself fortunate to be able to wear the Index jersey. Index is a venture capital firm that was founded by a pair of brothers and their close friend in Geneva, Switzerland. Today, we are very active investors across the US and Europe, which I personally appreciate having been born in Germany and being of Bosnian heritage. I work out of our San Francisco office but will meet founders wherever they are (in the US and Canada). Index is a place built on mentorship, hustle, transparency, deep insight, and even deeper bonds. These are attributes that I hope to contribute to. I am also proud of some firm-level contributions that I've been able to make like helping launch Index Origin, our dedicated seed fund. I'm very grateful for my twin brother, Dino. We're close friends but also great motivators for one another, stemming back to our days competing in the classroom and on the soccer field. He’s also someone I can speak to about anything and be fully vulnerable with, which is a rare type of relationship to have. My professional goal is to partner closely with founders who are building products that will make a meaningful impact on millions of users (and, as a byproduct, valuable companies). I look for these founders across the spectrum of product maturity or business "stage". Put differently, I will invest from seed → growth stage. You can get a sense for the founders that I currently work with in the corresponding section below. My personal goals include supporting the goals of my family and close friends and giving back to those without access to the kinds of opportunities that I've had. On the latter topic, I support the Bosana Foundation to fund education for underprivileged youth in Bosnia & Herzegovina. I also support various initiatives to drive forward gender equality and racial equality - causes that I hope to contribute more to going forward (both in my personal life and professional life). Lastly, I'm a firm believer that our society is hurtling towards a climate crisis but need to do more research to understand how I can play a meaningful part in addressing this. I'm not a former entrepreneur. However, I like to work on creative projects. These include Daily Consumer, Crowdsourced Reading List, and Sharespace. I also proudly manage a Fantasy Premier League group. I'm also not a former operator. I've only ever had brief glimpses of company life through internships at Flextronics, Apple, and Activision. With that said, I get a lot of joy in playing "outsourced business development person”. One of my highlights was connecting an education startup to Snapchat which led to a native integration of the startup's product into the Snap camera.
Index Ventures
Goldman Sachs
Coatue Management
University of Southern California
Lynbrook High School
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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.