Cam LindsayLos Angeles, California, United States
I am a community builder and product manager with 3+ years of experience leading interdisciplinary teams to deliver ground-breaking games & social software. From working in a fast-paced, scrappy start-up delivering large-scale corporate projects for Fortune 500 companies to recruiting and motivating teams for independent passion projects, I have repeatedly led the ideation, design, and delivery of products that push the boundaries of social software. Competencies include community management, user research, QA testing, roadmap development, cross-discipline communication, market research, project management, team leadership.
Head of Fan Experience
- Guide internal product development to prioritize current fan behaviors and preferences.- Managed UI/UX development for mass-market, consumer-facing AR apps for iOS and Android.- Analyzed metrics from Unity’s analytics platform to recommend data-backed design changes.- Assisted in client management for Coachella, Hyundai, Verizon, and The Chainsmokers.- Lead efforts to spread awareness and adoption of immersive formats in live entertainment and music industry.- Conduct on-site user research at global festivals and events.
Upbeat - Creative Director & Executive Producer
USC Games
- Led a 20+ person student development team to debut Magic Leap’s first-ever networked mixed reality game in USC’s Game School, the #1 video game school in America.- Facilitated daily scrums for engineering, QA testing, art pipeline, and sound design.- Gave 600+ in-person demos and informational overviews to first-time Magic Leap headset users. - Negotiated debut partnerships with Magic Leap, Subpac, and USC Concerts Committee.
Founder and Director
- Coordinated a team of 40 volunteers to produce a 10,000 sq/U immersive playground that was experienced by over 3,000 people at USC’s annual music festival, Springfest.- Won a $10k business competition and admitted to the USC Incubator and Real Startup Accelerator’s 2018 class.- Recruited and oversaw a 12-person team to create the first networked AR multiplayer experience for the Mira Prism in under 2 months.
VR Arcade Market Research Analyst
- Conducted over 40 in-depth interviews and field research to discover key success factors and opportunities for the Los Angeles VR Arcade market.- Synthesized research insights in a 15-page strategic analysis utilized to open its debut VR arcade.- Presented weekly customer insight summaries to the CFO and Business Development managers.
Los Angeles Lead for Community and Business Development
- Cultivated business development opportunities for potential partnerships and customers.- Represented OSSIC at E3, VRSC, Unity’s Vision Summit, and relevant industry events in LA.- Created and maintained growth opportunities that drove product awareness in the LA area.
Production Assistant
Assist with technical setup of 360-degree live-streaming cameras and hardware.
Strategic Media Marketing and Partnerships
Doppler Labs
- Advise on creative outlets for marketing and key events for brand alignment.- Creation and implementation of creative content on social media.- Develop strategy for growth and engagement across all social media.- Create and develop partnerships and influencer endorsements.- Analyze and maintain ad budgets across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Artist Relations
Research and develop creative merchandising campaigns for artists and influencers.
Marketing Associate
Organized and designed a college campus promotion campaign, conducted interviews for potential student brand ambassadors, and researched the marketplace for electronic music on college campuses.
Marketing and Public Relations
Executed fulfillment of Kickstarter campaign, designed survey to determine majority market characteristics, and developed Excel models to aggregate and compile data about the history of the music industry.
Community Manager
Cambridge Rindge and Latin
University of Southern California
Bachelor of Science in The Arts, Computer Technology, and The Business of Innovation, Business Venture Management & The Future of Experiential Entertainment
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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.