Brett BivensFrance, France
I am a researcher, writer, and investor interested in how technology, culture, and science come together to move society forward.
Head of Research
Prima Materia
Feb 2021 - Current
We are a European investment company that builds, grows, and owns companies for the long term. Through our companies, we advance ambitious technological and scientific innovation to solve the world’s biggest challenges and help society progress towards a better future.
Writer and Researcher
Venture Desktop
2019 - Current
Venture Desktop is my personal research and investment project focused on better understanding the ideas and trends shaping the global innovation economy. I write essays and analysis based on what I am observing on the ground as I work with emerging companies building the future of human health, happiness, economic opportunity, and productivity. I also host a podcast, called Landed. Landed is the "collaborative playbook" to help founders, operators, and investors take their companies global. In each episode, I dive deep with leaders who have played critical roles on the ground and in the boardroom for the international expansion of the world's most successful companies.
Senior Director / Venture Investor
TechNexus Venture Collaborative
2016 - 2021
We invest globally in ambitious early and growth-stage companies and leverage unique collaborations with leading corporate partners to drive impactful commercialization and accelerated venture development.
Oct 2014 - Apr 2016
Visible simplifies the sharing, management, and reporting of data between growing companies and their investors. We make it super easy for entrepreneurs to update their stakeholders and for investors to get insights into their entire portfolio.
Investment and Research
Nov 2013 - Oct 2014
Today's economy is increasingly powered by technical innovation from early-stage companies. Investment returns reflect this: a disproportionate amount of value is created before startups go public. However, investment participation at the early-stages historically has been limited to a small group of connected insiders. seedchange is changing this: we're making early-stage companies an asset class to enable investors across the world to invest in what's next.
Director of Operations
Krossover Intelligence
Dec 2011 - Aug 2013
Krossover Intelligence is a New York City based technology company with a focus on the online video search industry. The company's first vertical of choice is the sports world, with the aim of helping to raise the level of competition through technology innovation. Krossover's flagship product, the Krossover Sports Intelligence Platform is the first of its kind, allowing coaches to search through their video footage, and dynamically generate statistics, all in an online platform. Krossover is a company built on a passion for sports, and our dedication to bringing out the best in teams, is what truly sets us apart. To that effect, Krossover is enabling sports teams around the world to use their video intelligently and to analyze their players and competition like never before. Krossover is changing the way athletes play the game, and giving fans the ultimate experience.
Corporate Finance Analyst
BMO Financial Group
Jun 2010 - Dec 2011
Corporate Finance
Battle Creek Bombers
May 2007 - Aug 2007
Division I Athlete - Baseball
Valparaiso University
Aug 2006 - May 2010
Valparaiso University
B.S. Business Administration, Finance
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