Avichal GargStanford, California, United States
Avichal is a co-founder and partner on the investment team at Electric Capital.

Avichal is a successful serial entrepreneur with executive experience at Google and Facebook, which acquired his previous company in 2012. At Facebook he was Director of Product Management for the Local product group, a team of 400 engineers responsible for $3.5B in revenue.

Avichal is also a successful venture investor and was a part-time partner at YCombinator. He is an investor in crypto companies and protocols such as Anchorage, Bitwise, Celo, Coda, Dapper Labs/Cryptokittes, dYdX, Lightning Labs and many technology companies outside of crypto such as Color Genomics, Cruise, Boom Supersonic, Newfront Insurance, Optimizely, Runa, and Notion.
Managing Partner
Electric Capital
Jan 2018 - Current
We are early stage / seed investors in cryptocurrency layer one protocols, crypto & blockchain picks and shovels businesses, and applications of blockchain and privacy preserving technologies. We are investors in Coda, NEAR, Mobilecoin, Spacemesh, Dfinity, Oasis, Elrond, Marlin, Coinlist, and others.
Investor / Advisor
2007 - Current
Part Time
Y Combinator
Apr 2017 - Dec 2018
Helping YC portfolio companies with product strategy, scaling, fundraising, etc.
Director of Product Management
Jun 2012 - Dec 2016
Lead product for the Local organization (at the time ~$3.5B in revenue) which includes Pages, Location Infra, Entities, Events, Local Search, and more
CEO & Co-Founder
2010 - 2012
CTO & Co-Founder
2001 - 2010
Product Manager
2005 - 2007
Worked on search quality, ads quality, and started Google Transit (now a part of Google Maps).
Stanford University
Stanford University